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By Roop Lakhani - 09:00:00

We human beings are package of our emotions
The  emotional drama and trauma, the upsets and the anger from our loved ones, the feelings of rejection and being ignored by people, feeling hopeless and helpless,  feeling resentful and blameful, being a victim or puppet of others selfish motives, feeling choiceless and powerless, inability to do what ones desiring and making choices...

In the end we become, somebody else,  forgetting who I am...
Would you choose to be an infinite being?
Would you choose to raise your consciousness and vibrations to step out and make fresh choices?

If you are open, ready and willing then the session is for you.. be your own author to write your own story and make your own choices...

Call me on +91 98216 12031 to book your Healing Session.

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