Daily Insights on Emotional Self Awareness - DI 57

By Roop Lakhani - 08:00:00

DAILY INSIGHTS SERIES: What is this series all about?
Hoarding emotions is a default process but releasing painful emotions is a deliberate process

Yet knowing that letting go the painful emotions will serve people ease and peace, why is it still difficult for people to let them go?

How do you let go of anger when you are hurt?
How do you let go of sadness when you have unfulfilled expectations?
How do you let go of resentment when you hold non acceptance and unforgiving?  And you feel like you’ll never be able to change the things that you resent?
How do you let go of frustration when you feel stuck, stagnant, and completely powerless to change it?
How do you become helping yourself when you self-pity yourself as there is no solution to your problems and you are helpless?
How do you let go of worries when even the thought of letting them go fills you with worry?
And how do you let go of your disappointment with yourself when you try your best to “just let it go” and continually struggle to do it?
How do you let go sadness when you just can't fake a smile or communicate with joy?

This Daily Insight series starts first with you and your self-care.

How many of you know how to take care of others and not yours?

You and your emotional health matters a lot. 
Self-care is the first step to love and accept yourself.
WHAT IS EMOTIONAL AWARENESS - Emotional Awareness is the ability to recognise and make sense of not just your own emotions, but also those of others. Being aware, one can make better choices. And better choices means better actions and desired outcome. 

Emotional Awareness helps to solve problems in life by understanding emotions, such as being able to regulate your own emotions and cheer others up when they are feeling low.

Emotional Awareness helps one make decisions that then help towards highest growth. It also means you can predict emotions in advance – you know what actions will lead to what emotions and this means you can make better choices accordingly. CALL me to learn more about Emotional Awareness for your life – Roop Lakhani

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