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By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

Divine Guidance Cards made after extensive study of 20+ years.
I have Developed by study of 20+ years and tried tested with thousands. The best self explanatory cards. No need to visit any psychic or reader. Each card is uniquely researched to suit every single person seeking advice. MESSAGE me to order your full set today.

Single Card Reading.

There are 78 cards in each deck. The interpretation of each card is based on the original Rider Waite Tarot Deck® based on the association with symbols & images of each card.

All 78 cards are given their interpretation based on the questions regarding general reading, work, finances, health, relationships & empowerment.
The cards are designed to do a single card reading. You can ask question based on, only name of each deck. 

ASK these kind of questions and then read the card answer. 

GENERAL: 1) Guide me generally for the day/week/month. 2) What do you want me to know for today/week/month? Etc. They should be general questions based on your daily or weekly or monthly life. 3) How will be my forth coming vacation? Etc.

WORK: 1) What do you advise me for my work for today/week/month? 2) Guide me how my work will happen? 3) Will I be successful in work I plan to do today/week/month? 4) will my project get completed today/week/month? Etc.

FINANCE: 1) How are my finances today/week/month? 2) What do you advise me for my finance? 3) Will I be able to have smooth finance for today/week/month? Etc.

HEALTH: Ask questions ONLY if you have real health problems. 1) How do you see my health today/week/month? 2) Guide me how my health will remain today/week/month? 3) How will my operation go? Etc.

RELATIONSHIP: Relationship questions are put separately for others. Use different relationship to check for romance, love, family, friends, office colleagues... 1) How is my relationship with ___ (Full Name). 2) Will i get married to__? 3) How to improve my relationship with__? 4) Does my ___ love me? Etc.

EMPOWERMENT: 1) What do you want me to take back with me? 2) What do you want me to empower with? 3) How do I remain happy? Etc.

How to use this decks?: 
Select the deck pertaining to guidance you are seeking for. Remove & put your cards on a silk cloth. Sit in a quiet place. Use candles, incense stick or crystal around you. This environment will allow the right energy to flow between you & cards.  Shuffle the cards randomly. Spread them on silk cloth. Ask anyone question as given above either loudly or in mind to the deck. Randomly choose one card with your non dominant h&. (The h& which you don’t use for writing) Read the instructions on back of card. See what suits your mind from the interpretation. 

There are times you will have all related messages for you. There are times when one or two messages relate to your questions. DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME QUESTION SAME DAY AGAIN. It may so happen, you may get insights or inspiration while you read this card. Give special attention to this when you complete reading. 

Once done, tap your h& on the top of gathered cards & with the sense of gratitude say “Thank you Divine Guidance” Gather cards, shuffle them lightly & wrap them back in silk cloth. Once in a while energize these cards by putting them in sun rays for 10-15 min or by putting them in any of your religious place like temple or mediation area.

Why Use this Divine Guidance Cards: By using this cards, you will be inspired for self analysis & self improvement of yourself. You will get self awareness about your self. This will open up new horizon for you in areas of relationship, work, health, finance & personal fulfillment. By tapping this energy into the moment, you are actually tapping your own psyche. You will start seeing different new side of your own spiritual & psychic nature.

Message me or call me on +91 9821612031 to order your this unique 6 deck set of Divine Guidance Cards TODAY.

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