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By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

We live in an extraordinary time in human history. 
We are more globally connected than ever before, but life in the digital age is far from ideal.
The facebook and instagram shows a happy face behind the mask of unhappiness.. the whatsap connects you with hundreds but it hardly provides a shoulder to cry on...
The average urban human spends more than half of their waking life staring at a screen. Things need to change. let us connect heart to heart. Listening alsos takes away the real pain. 
Our ability to stay balanced in this time of exponential technological growth, and create healthy relationships with our digital devices and human beings, will determine the future of humanity.

I give people the permission to pause, reflect and reconnect with what’s most important to them. I will help you take big deep breaths, question their tech-use, develop mindful habits and remember to look up for real connections. 

I create a space and experience that gives individuals the freedom and permission they need to truly unplug to connect and reconnect. 

By providing a truly integrated experience that nourishes both mind and body, while deepening one’s sense of self is an art and only an expert can give you this enriching experience..

Call me on +91 98216 12031 to book your 60 minute Healing Session.

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