Emotional Insecurity - Day 27

By Roop Lakhani - 08:00:00

WHAT IS EMOTIONAL AWARENESS - Emotional Awareness is the ability to recognise and make sense of not just your own emotions, but also those of others. Being aware, one can make better choices. And better choices means better actions and better desired outcome.

Emotional Awareness helps to solve problems in life by understanding emotions, such as being able to regulate your own emotions and cheer others up when they are feeling low. Emotional Awareness helps one make decisions that then help towards highest growth. It also means you can predict emotions in advance – you know what actions will lead to what emotions and this means you can make better choices accordingly. 

WHAT IS EMOTIONAL INSECURITY - Insecurity can hit anyone without warning. Insecurity are very personal and deeply rooted at times. It takes a lot of work to eliminate insecurities and can be dealt with SELF AWARENESS.

Sometimes circumstances and sometimes people can trigger you with insecurities. Hence it is good reminder to work with your deeper self and trigger your self-consciousness. We alone are responsible for housing insecurity within us and also allow to reinforce it time to time without awareness.

How to stop being insecure is an art.

There is no simple answer or solution, but the simplest thing is reading my everyday post with full awareness. You will find many posted messages resonating with you or triggering your subconscious.

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