Video - July 2019 Zoadiac Prediction.

By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

Hello friends... Please watch my live prediction on “Shemaroo Bhakti You Tube Channel” for the month of July 2019 for 12 zodiac sign in Hindi using Tarot cards and my Guidance Cards. Post your comments and questions on the channel. Tarot is music of the soul. We cannot see deep into our deeper minds. Tarot can show the mirror to our deep psychological state. It can help us know the probable outcome from our present state of thoughts. It is guideline to make right decisions during the time of self-doubts, conflicts and confusions. It can allow us to head in the direction of highest growth by making right choices.Many of you may resonate with the messages, many of you may not like to hear certain messages, and many of you may not be interested in such prediction... it is ok... just watch it for fun... I have grown personally and spiritually reading the cards.
I have been reading tarot cards for more than 18 years and have done reading of more than 10000 clients and i proudly say that, I pick up mind-set, patterns and issues of the people while doing the reading. It is an effort to tap into the energies of the cards and give the best to do accurate reading. Sometimes person is not ready to hear what cards would like to say and that is the time to get into self-introspection and raise higher consciousness towards higher growth... Lots of Love Roop Lakhani

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