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By Roop Lakhani - 08:00:00

Love and fear are two basic emotions we are born with.

We all are on journey to love, in this journey we have pain of being hurt, being cheated, being lied to, being betrayed, being rejected, being ignored, being manipulated, being used, being abused, being victimised and more... 
This creates more fears of loving others. 
This also creates break of trust.
It creates doubts and shaken beliefs.
It creates insecure feelings and more. 
Fear based emotions such as shame, guilt, pride and anger gets stored and lowers our frequency.

We need to be loving beings and for that we need to constantly work on raising our frequency by creating a higher awareness. As we increase our frequency and embody love,  higher vibrational emotions such as acceptance, acknowledge joy and peace starts being a part.

Fear lies
Fear is dishonest
Fear cheats
Fear is jealous
Fear judges
Fear abuses
Fear betrays
Fear controls
Fear takes
Love trusts
Love is honesty
Love honours
Love has Integrity
Love respects
Love forgives
Love Allowance
Love acknowledges
Love gifts
Love vulnerability
Love loves
Love Gratitude
Fear attracts fear ...
Love attracts love
What Is Your Choice????
Are you choosing to Energetically vibrating at higher  frequency? And align to Embody of Love and Gratitude?

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