#Healing #Session... .Fear of emotional cravings leads to Addiction.

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As human beings, the deepest, most core conflict we face is whether or not to feel. Do we seek vitality, love, passion, compassion and the unpredictable roller coaster that comes with being engaged in life and emotion? Or do we engage in behavior that detaches us from the inherent pain of the human condition? 

When we choose the latter, anything that cuts us off can seem appealing, from cell phones to social media, pain killers to pornography, Coca Cola to cocaine.

Working through our emotions helps us to learn, grow and develop. It increases our resilience and makes us more alive to our experience. Conversely, our attempts to cut off may render us emotionally immature and often, far less functional. 

Moreover, we cannot selectively numb pain without also numbing joy. Turning to addiction can leave us feeling frozen or numbed to all our feelings. In this state, we risk losing a sense of our true identity. We disconnect from our real selves.

Because we are torn between feeling and not feeling, we are all divided between our real self, the part of us that wants to live, pursue goals and experience life 

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