April 10 to August 11 Jupiter's retrograde benefits

By Roop Lakhani - 14:18:00

JUPITER RETROGRADE April 10 - August 11.

The planet Jupiter turns retrograde approx every 13 months and remains retrograde for 4 months, and is known as a highly beneficial period that brings the ending of old worn out cycles, the beginning of incredible new chapters, inner balance, positive change & major personal transformation.

Jupiter is the planet associated with evolution, expansion, rebirth, creativity and opportunity, abundance, progress, compassion, knowledge, wisdom and good luck & fortune.

While in retrograde this planet is known to be favorable, as it shows us all the areas we were struggling in, and helps us make tough, rational decisions that align us more closely with our soul-mission. 

Jupiter retrograde pushes us out of our comfort zone and compels us to make spontaneous decisions, but ones that are highly beneficial as our intuition is highly attuned during this time, so we break away from old patterns and break free from old structures and diminishing ways of thinking. This is a time for clearing out the old, closing dysfunctional cycles, reconnecting with our inner truth and birthing the new.

Overall, Jupiter helps us re-evaluate our plans, and prioritise our time better so we focus on the direction we want to be heading. This planet is all about forward movement, so we will have no time for drama and will not think twice about cutting cords to anything, or anyone, holding us back and weighing us down. By the end of this retrograde, we will most certainly feel lighter, freer and determined to pursue our lifelong passions, without fears and limits that previously anchored us.

During Jupiter Retrograde, whether we like it or not, we will all spend a little time travelling backward through our lives: we have healing work to do, forgiveness to hand out (whether to ourselves or others), mistakes to take responsibility for, and we must accept that in certain areas of our lives—when we’ve emotionally harmed ourselves or other people—we could have made better choices.

It’s also vital to remind ourselves that flaws, imperfections, and errors are all part of being human, and we can learn immense lessons from it all, so there is no use beating ourselves up and feeling irritable or angry. The only way we’re going to sail through this period is by taking accountability for our thoughts, feelings, and decisions, whether this relates to the past, or to our current relationships and circumstances.

Overall this energy is going to be pushing us in all directions.
It will shake us up so we can see that whatever spills out is what we are repressing deep inside. We will also notice that whenever those around us get rattled, their inner thoughts and emotions come tumbling out, sometimes in ways that will be uncomfortable to see.
The main thing to remember during this time is that all celestial activity occurs for our highest good.

The cosmic shifting helps us evolve past any limiting beliefs, and destroy old patterns of behaviour and destructive habits. Although it can feel turbulent, it is an opportunity to shed layers so our core being shines through purging all that is low vibrational and that no longer resonates on a soul level. 

We are accelerating at such great speed that we will no longer be able to remain in hurtful spaces; whether that is debilitating friendships or relationships, workplaces, home environments, or the social circles we have tried to maintain and keep up with. We will be determined to rearrange our lives so we can leave behind aspects that cause inner turmoil, and we will manifest an existence that is peaceful, healthy, nourishing and intensely fulfilling.

Our universe is knowledgeable and powerful and operates in the most mysterious and mystical ways. It moves energies around constantly in order to create balance and harmony, so we must not put up resistance to the opportunities presented to us, and instead, flow in the direction that feels right. 

This retrograde period will be challenging; however, the cosmos only delivers what we can handle, so take deep breaths, step back, reassess, and harness patience so that all responses are done with love and compassion.

Retrogrades turn our energy inward and intensify it, which is why many of us withdraw and become more introspective and introverted.

Although retrogrades may seem chaotic, they are blessings in disguise. They shift our focus so we become aware of anything that is out of alignment and take note of the unhealed wounds and unresolved emotions that are frantically trying to gain our attention by regularly triggering our emotions.

When we turn the spotlight inward, we are able to see where we’ve been taking wrong turns, where we are currently at, and where we are heading. Overall, this helps us take accountability for our personal journey so we avoid recycling past experiences and repeating the same painful mistakes.

Retrogrades are known to make us feel highly intuitive. We may find we can’t sleep, feel irritable, and are on an energetic “high,” and that our lives seem far more turbulent than usual. When we are sleep-deprived, we may feel more confused and edgy, as though we are running on adrenaline, causing us to feel achy, overemotional, and irrational.

As we move through this period, we will want to cleanse our homes, social media accounts, and friendships, as well as reconsider commitments and eliminate bad habits. This detox will be severe at times as we purge old energies and remove anything, or anyone, that prevents us from moving forward and achieving peace.

Even though it feels far from it at the time, retrogrades are always beneficial.

They send shockwaves through our relationships and trigger unhealed wounds and churn up old history. Therefore, it is possible that ghosts from our past will make unexpected appearances accompanied with emotional confessions; this is to ask us to take one last look before we decide to reopen or firmly lock doors that we previously only closed. We may receive calls or messages from unexpected sources, but it is recommended to be on guard as they may happen purely to test our spirit, resolve, strength and levels of growth.

Before we alter our life path, we can first look at which internal buttons the people around us are pressing and why we have felt a strong desire to react; it is essential to discern exactly who and what the retrograde phases bring to our attention.

Don’t pay much attention to anything that goes wrong during the retrograde—as once the planet is travelling in a straight motion again, anything that is meaningful and meant to be in our lives usually straightens out too.

This is a period of soul-searching and reflection, and one of accepting who and what is meant to be in our lives and then compassionately releasing who and what isn’t.

It is worth treading lightly and with caution during this time, and it is not recommended, unless absolutely necessary, to make life-changing decisions during a retrograde. This is a time for reflection, introspection, and caution—not for hasty emotion-fuelled reactions.

Retrogrades are catalysts for positive transformation and radiate waves of cosmic energy that shake and alter our lives, giving us the opportunity to wipe the karmic slate clean and dramatically turn our lives around for the better.

Alex Myles

Love, Light & Blessings 🙏

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