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By Roop Lakhani - 16:06:00

We all have experienced drifting apart  from family/ Friends/loved ones.. why so? Because we are on the path of higher vibration. We all vibrate at a specific  frequency. Those who do not resonate with our frequency will automatically depart. It is inevitable.

The threads that tie or bind us with others are not unbreakable, we just need to know when and how to break them with grace and dignity.

Is it hard to let go of a person or the expectations we had of them?
Do we regret the parting or do we regret the lack of appreciation for and acknowledgement of our efforts?

Or do we regret for not having the same happiness when they were around?
Were we fair to them? Were we well behaved?

The road to higher vibration ground is a long term goal, it continues to wind around as we explore new multi-dimensional aspects and shed old versions of ourselves.

Do you wish to expand your Higher Vibration Ground? 
Do you wish to have connections? 
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