Let Go - Message to welcome 2019

By Roop Lakhani - 08:00:00

A New Year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands.  It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself.

Today is the perfect day To LET GO and welcome 2019

The year is ending and the  new year is beginning. 31 St December is a perfect time for releasing something that no longer serves you - A habit,  A situation,  A relationship,  A thought - Whatever you can think of. No one can go back in time to change back  what went wrong, but surely we can work in the present to make a wonderful tomorrow. We are supposed to let go of the past and start off new. We are supposed to forgive all those who have hurt us and remain open to new relationship with open arms, so let if happen with dignity and grace.

It is a powerful way to self emphasise and talk to the Universe that you are ready to let go the unwanted and emerge as new one, making way for new magical opportunities to come to you and have a fresh start

Here is a simple 7 Steps ritual you can use to make the most of tonight. 

Choose a space where no one watches you and you have enough release space for a good period of time.

1) Clear the energies of yourself and the space you are in, by smudging or spraying.

2) Prepare yourself mentally for the release. Shut off all your electronics, close your eyes, and take few deep breaths.
Let unwanted thoughts go away and focus on only what would be the release do for you.

3) Once you are relaxed, light a rose pink candle.

4) Take a moment to think about a habit, person or situation that troubles you, then write about what's troubling you most. It's OK if there are more than one thing troubling you. Write one note on one paper. Let many paper notes be written
If it's a person make sure you write their names and the bothering issue. Express yourself to your fullest intent in one sentence or maximum three sentences. Don't write  essays. Be in full integrity to write what is true for you and get ready for the mental release permanently.

5) Spend a few minutes visualizing each problem/person/Situation you listed as healed. Spend as much time here as you'd like for each note. Imagine it is releasing from every space of your cells and subconscious. Imagine how happy would you be if you would release. Imagine how happy you would be without that habit. Imagine how happy the life would be  without any problems. Imagine if you always had a choice to live without that problem. Imagine if you make a choice to release baggages, how light you would feel.

6) When you're done with visualizing, burn the note over a candle. Burn all the notes one by one. Watch them burning. You may think of your guru, Angels, god, goddess to bless you during the process. Be in full integrity to forget or forgive a person or a situation, let all bitterness, ill feelings, grudge, resentment or any negativity be dropped fully for high positive energies to be in, while notes are burning. If any situation is yet bothering you then allow the mental will power switch to be on. If you are scared of habits to not go then take some support of experts and allow the determination switch to be on for at least 21 days.

If something more required then keep chanting the Hoponopono statement as follows, 11 times for each person or issue.
"I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you."

7) Feel light. Congratulate yourself for doing the release fully. If you have released it mentally, then let the universe handle from there to support you fully.

Have a bath or wash hands, feet & face after the ritual. 
Use your own intuition to guide you. Just be clear of your future why you are doing things in a certain way in the present. The results will follow for your higher vibration in the year 2019. Wishing you all happy divine New Year...

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