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By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

Parenting is a huge task. One brings out a person out of small baby.  The parent personality in you is shaped in childhood by observing how you (as well as others around you) were parented.

Often we carry unfinished business of our childhood even after being parents to our children in the form of guilt. Guilt of not giving the best, guilt of beating up, guilt of not providing time, money, education and more.

As a child, we like or dislike the way our parents have brought us up.
We often put lots of images to what we have not got from our parents that we would surely provide to our children as parent.
If you have children, you again question your own parenting style depending upon the response you get from your children.

Does the parent within you go through the guilt of being harsh or disciplined sometimes?
Do you feel regret when you cannot fulfill your childs desires?
Do you beat up yourself for the children's bad habits? Or bad nature?

Today release the guilt.
Affirm  -  I forget and forgive myself for inappropriate conduct towards my child. I forget and forgive myself for holding guilt regrets to not provide as a parent. I forget and forgive myself for holding grudges towards my parents.

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