Ganesh chaturthi to chaudas - do chanting of this GG numbers

By Roop Lakhani - 15:28:00

Ten things you need to abandon to be happy
1-limiting beliefs
(Increase Awareness-491 894 891
2-living in the past -
(harmonizing the past-7819019425)
3-concern for the future -
(harmonizing the future-148721091)
4-negative autofala
(negativity-519 448 9184)
5-the need to impress the others -
(Personality Autorrealizada-191 317 481901)
6-claim -
7-the need to always be right -
Unconscious desire for rational justification and
Explanation of ideas and behavior, even when
They're irrational. )
8-resistance to change -
(Neophobia-498 617 31)
9-blame others -
(Extrapunitividade / blaming others-819617219318)
10-need for approval of others
(feeling of inadequacy-594 968598781)

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