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By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

In this world of duality, we perceive things in only two ways, 
yes... no... 
black...  white... 
good...  bad...
as if there are no grey shades in between. 

Often when sibling fight, mother try to bring solution and then one of the sibling says, why me?

Often the discontented adults show their grievances  and dissatisfaction to their unmet desires, with a question, why me?

Often the aspiring individuals, when met with frustration of  seeking promotion, bonus and raise, ask God, why me?

But have you ever seen a child saying why me when he is favoured over another child and got the best of beat from parents?

Have you ever seen the content and joyful individuals happy in their personal and professional life, asking why me?

People are afflicted by misery, poverty, anguish and unfairness, and they saw grievances by the question, why me.

We all can have more responsibilities and more challenges in the current competitive world as we have more talents, skills and capabilities.  One can get inspired from others to do some small acts rather than complaining and getting frustrated.

One can start getting motivated to say, why not me, and get things move into momentum. The least one can do is identify one's own inner strength and find true potentials to grow from there, rather than getting disappointed and frustrated to what one does not have or one cannot achieve.

Are you choosing to say why not me, and find ways to know your true strengths and potential, ask for Unlock My Potentials Session with me...

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