#Healing #Session... Master Piece or Master Peace

By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

A canvas painting has various shades of Colors with innovative strokes. A real good artist does it so effortlessly and brings out the life in it.

Similarly we all artist experience different strokes of life and create a life paintings. We choose Colors of emotions and strokes of thoughts to make up the piece of art.

Resistance, ego, lack of knowledge, ignorance, incapacity to grasp, anger, guilt, shame, greed, sadness can be our blocks to create a lovely peace of life to our own self. The same blocks can be removed with intuitiveness, creativity and flowing state just by connecting to our inner self and highest self..

How about creating masterpiece of life with few guiding sessions that clears your blocks?

Call me on +91 98216 12031 to book your 60 minute Healing Session.

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