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Redikall Crystalline Mind
The word redikall is coming from the word radical, which means a change or action relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

The word crystalline means, Having the structure and form of a crystal
The mind word is known to all, it is a combination of thoughts, emotions, memories, and perception
The redikall crystalline mind is to inspire you to evolve from dysfunctional mind to functional mind. Our mindsets are response patterns to the composite of several factors since birth such as social, economic, cultural and education system.

Aim and Objectives• Enabling user to grasp techniques and eventually master the technique to lead and over all healthy and happy life.
• Reviving their true potential with awareness of their ability to co-create unlimited possibilities
• refining their response to various inconsistencies in personal, professional, social and spiritual life
• and more

You will be empowered to

• understand yourself and others with effective self management techniques
• address various health, financial, professional or relationship challenges
• practically experience the power of recognising thoughts, beliefs, memories from subconscious mind
• live life with greater insights from Higher Consciousness

Course includesGuidebook, tea-coffee, lunch and e certificate

Workshop Dates - 13/20/27 th June 10 am to 630 pm

Course Details - ONE full day at Khar west

  • Theory of mind, subconscious mind, archive mind and superconscious mind
  • Exploring and accessing the metaphysical world
  • Postulates of Redikall Healing philosophy
  • How your thoughts are majorly influenced
  • Discovering the core through onion peeling
  • 5 R techniques
  • Techniques recipes used for healing physical and emotional pain, releasing fear, managing anger, helplessness, hopelessness, grief, sadness, loss, separation, confusion, conflict and indecisiveness, guilt, regret, shame, low self esteem, heal and address relationship, professional challenges, 
  • Keyword guide to Minor Chakras

Workshop Facilitator – Roop Lakhani 98216 12301

Call 9821612031 and grab early bird discount 9 days prior to date of workshop

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