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By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

Healing Session for Joyful Living & Giving - by Roop Lakhani

One morning i was watching out of my balcony and i saw a little girl of about 9 years walking holding finger of her mother. 
the child looked  a bit stressed and hassled.

The mother was giving strict instructions to her for exams... 
What to write in paper and not to make silly mistakes how she did previous times. Read questions carefully. Don't be in hurry to write answers and so on...

As I watched this scene, I realized how every human beings' parents influence their earlier life to certain beliefs and how they develop certain nature...

And then I wondered " 

What was wrong here? 
Why are we always for academic growth and why can't we  do it joyfully?  
Why there is a pressure to get good ranks and why the focus is not on good values? 
Why do we succumb to school pressures and society pressures?
Why are we stopping ourselves from enjoying a greater life full of ease and fun?"

My interesting point of view is that a major part of our conditioning is parents, school and society, the unnecessary comparisons by parents, teachers and people has taken away our very essence, which is " Of Joy" 

Most people are endlessly running after money and luxury that may not even bring us any joy, it may temporarily boost our ego, as we have been told someone is more and some things are the measures of our worth.

What fears, self doubts, blocking beliefs are you holding from your young age?
Where have you been feeling that you were pressured in life when you were below the age of 15 and you could not enjoy? 
What habits, attitude, fears and more you experienced that took away your fun and joy in childhood?

Come let's PLAY around FEARS and CONDITIONING that has taken away true meaning of our JOYFUL LIFE of Living and Giving...

In the end we deserve Happy Living and Joyful Existence! To DESERVE this if you require a spiritual catalyst, book your session... Call +91 98216 12031.

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