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Do you want to master the art or magic of making all your wishes come true?

Here are 9 magics to make your wish come true... 

As you pray intensely before sleep, you will gain your power to make your wish come true.
This is one of simple and very effective magic. What you need to do is, continue to imagine yourself that you finally make your wish come true before you doze off.
Human has a power to make a wish fulfilled when they have a certain image of success own wish. There is a rule of pulling something closer when people pray for, and this magic sounds similar to it.
It is very effective to imagine and pray you are with right before fall into a daze because you are in most relaxed time.

Make a wish come true using “Prayer diary”
Do you know the existence of “Prayer diary”? What you need to do is, get one notebook or diary, and write down details for all your wishes as your wish has been coming true to the diary. For example, If you wish special extra income, you write down “Suddenly I get 5,000 dollars (500,000 yen)! I am going to buy what I wanted to buy and have a delisious meal!”.
As I describe this example, you write down your happy feeling as your wish come true, and just keep your diary with care.
You can write down your wish on a diary as many as you wish.

Pray for your wish with all your heart to angel feather
You rarely find a small pure white feather which comes out from the blanket or down jacket and stick to your shirt.
So if you find one, put that feather on your palm and pray strongly ” Angel feather, please send my wish to you”, and blow up to sky.
It is a magic that feather sends your wish to Angels, and your wish will come true.
Sounds like beautiful magic like a fairy tale, but it works so good.

Magic of “Angel Wing”
Here is another magic that is similar to No.3 magic regarding angel feather.
It is called “Angel Wing” magic. First of all, write down your wishes on 3 x 3 cm square white paper using white colored pencil. And then using white paper clay, make a wing size is about 5 cm and put the paper you wrote down into this wing. And at last, You make make a circle using blue thin thread to hook the wing like key holder.
Your angels will make your wish come true as you bring with you all the time.

Door knob magic that makes your wish come true and open your future possibility
This magic is suitable for a person who want to change the current situation around you as your wish come true that has been spread from Gipsy. Prepare some amount of coconut oil, and coat with a small amount of coconut oil to a door knob. And open the door
while you are spelling your wish. Your wish will come true and also your spiritual door for good luck and future will be opened that seems as the door you have just opened.

Send a bottle mail to the goddess of the sea, and make your wish come true
You ask for your wish to the goddess of sea by sending a bottle mail that you wrote down your wishes.
count number of times of the rise and fall of the tides, and you throw your bottle mail as far as you can with praying for your wish at the 9th time of tide.
Do not forget to appreciate to the goddess of the sea when your wish has come true.
As you write down your wishes, you had better not write down too much your personal information to avoid that someone who might pick up your bottled mail can identify who you are.

Moon magic makes your wish come true that you want to cut unpleasant things off
It is a not good period to do a magic while the moon is changing from full moon to new moon.
But against this effect, it is perfect timing to do a magic that you cut off your relationship or leave from something unpleasant for you.
During this period, pray to moon something like “I do not absolutely want to xxx”or “Absolutely I do not want to be xxx” etc.
Make sure you should not pray a potitive ways, like “I want to do xxx”.

Magic that you Lay on your wishes
It is suitable magic for a person who have a wish that does not matter how long it would take.
Write down one wish on a paper every Sundays, and put it in the same box.
The more weeks passes by the more power you have, and finally your wish will come true.
But you do make same one wish every week and do not change your mind.

Magic with silver paper
What I am going to introduce as final one is, very simple, but exceptionally effective using silver paper.
Take out one silver foiled paper out of chewing gum, and write down your wish on the white side of silver foiled paper.
And bring it with great care. This is a very simple way, so you may doubt “Will it work truly?”.
But that silver foiled paper will make your wish come true if you have believed this effect.

How do you like it?
Good luck charm does make your wish come true at own discretion, but could support your effort to become real. I strongly hope you believe yourself and those magics and there all your wish may come true soon.

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