#Healing Session - Angel Card Reading

By Roop Lakhani - 09:00:00

Do we have more than one angel with us?
And so question is, "Do some of us really have more angels around us than others?"

Yes, some people do have more angels with them than others.
But the thing is, it's not because they're any more "special" or any more loved than anyone else, because of course we're all equally loved, guided and supported by Spirit...

Rather, when some people have more angels with them, it's because those angel are needed to help them with their mission...

I had a quantum biofeedback report saying I have a special angels guiding me and it is there present guiding me.

Maybe they're energy healers for humanity as a whole, social entrepreneurs who are in the public eye, teachers about angels, or any number of other purposes that would involve having support from lots of different angels.
This is the first reason, and the second is quite simply that angels do not normally interfere in our day to day lives unless specifically asked to do so.
If you don't ask... They stay back, overlooking from a distance...

But when you do ask, angels come in!

The more we talk about, think about, read about, enjoy, listen to sessions, meditate with, and ask our angels to be with us... the more they are!
So if you want more angels to be with you... Invite them in!

And if you want further support increasing your connection with the angels... or reading with angels, feel free to contact me...

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