Workshop - NO LIMIT Prosperity Abundance

By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

  • Are you determined to earn income from only one resource? 
  • Have you stopped chasing your dreams?
  • Have you got fixed points of view how to earn?
  • Are you limiting yourself to certain avenues?
  • Are you blaming your circumstances, intelligence or any past experiences of how you could be earning?
  • Have you blocked your creative intelligence?
  • Have you blocked your mental powers?
  • Are you choosing to be money?
  • Then come let's play around different possibilities how you can have more avenues to earning.
  • Let's create something.
  • Ask for NO LIMIT prosperity abundance workshop of 4 hours.

Call me on +91 98216 12031 to choose your date. Minimum participants 4 per batch. 

  Roop Lakhani Consultant, Trainer, Healer
  Mob: +91 98216 12031 

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