Independence Day Offer

By Roop Lakhani - 11:34:00

Hi everyone,
I offer you 24 percent discount on  tarot readings, karmic readings, healing and coaching services (minimum 1 hour session) for being lucky independence day 15 th August 2017 ... (the total of 1+5+8+2+1+7 is 24)
Book your appointment fast...
The offer is from 14th august to 16 th August
Call and schedule your appointment on 9821612031 Roop Lakhani

Offer 2

People have different problems and they often seek solution... *switchwords and energy balance numbers* are keys...
Starting paid whatsap programme for solution based at rs 600 for 30 days for 30 different challenges in relationship health prosperity and self esteem...
Offer is pay and register before 15th August. After 15th August it is rs 900.

Join Roop Lakhani's daily tips whatsap paid workshop for full September month.

Call 9821612031. Don't depend on message.
Thank you
Roop Lakhani

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