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By Roop Lakhani - 09:00:00

ALL Card Image used is creation of Great Artist A. Andrew Gonzalez -

Congratulations for your free reading with “Divine Guidance cards of Empowerment”

You will read a short message and affirmation for your chosen card. The message will resonate with your present situations and create awareness in you.

At times the issues could be unconscious or subconscious, so you may dwell a little deeper after reading the message. If you can relate with the message as if it is true for you, then you may choose to read the affirmations which are written below.

The affirmations are the sentences that would empower you in that moment to create positive energy. Its effect is best when repeated several times or minimum 21 times to change the energy.

CARD 1:- Connect with the fun-loving and adventure side of yourself. Approach life with joy and hope, seeking truth, love and beauty in all things.

AFFIRM: “The boundless energy and insights keep me alive and inspiring at all moments.”

CARD 2:- Your sharp intellect cuts through the heart of any matter. Develop your mental powers and use knowledge to place yourself in a more commanding position.

AFFIRM: “I will make the best choices I can. I communicate and express the truth in humble manner.”

CARD 3:- You have surmounted the obstacles and overcome limitations to feel happy, satisfied, and whole and complete from within. You’ve learned life’s lessons and realized that everything in life starts within and radiates outwards. You know that your most beliefs create the reality that you live.

AFFIRM: “I am a co-creator of the world. The Universe abundantly provides for all my needs. I am whole and complete.”

CARD 4:- By sharing with others you attract whatever you need. Allow others to help you and be willing to assist them in return. Become more generous with your energy, talents and other resources.

AFFIRM: “I share my resources in the appropriate and balanced way. What I give to the world comes back to me manifold.”

I hope, you have enjoyed this free reading.
To your empowered and positive energies. 

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ALL Card Image used is creation of Great Artist A. Andrew Gonzalez -

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