Purnima Healing

By Roop Lakhani - 01:49:00

Today is a very auspicious night for cleansing...

Let the logic brain rest. Let the creative brain work now. Light a candle. Keep a glass of water next to the candle.

Write down the issues to be healed on a piece of paper. If you see any effect of past karma in present such as financial challenges unspite of giving ypur best, relationship challenges inspite of giving your best or health challenges inspite of taking care, then write that down too on a piece of paper. If there is any person who is at disharmony and you are seeking harmony, then you write down the name on a piece of paper. Write down all that is negative and that needs to be healed..

Now sit down and connect with moonlight, or visualise moon if you cannot see moon. Focus on your breath. Hold this piece of paper in your hand and transfer this energy on the paper.  Request your Higher Self and Divinity to bless you with choicest blessings on your concerned issue. Let the paper remain below the candle whole night. Make sure the intentions are focussed and not with any doubts or judgements.

You will see the magic of issue disappearing soon.

Caring for your easy joyful life

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