Global activations on 10 th May

By Roop Lakhani - 14:29:00


*Universal Heart Global Activations ~ Meg Benedicte*

*On May 10th the North Node is moving into Leo while the South Node enters Aquarius. It is a powerful time to discover your passions and create in the world. As planets that were retrograde now move forward, the brain fog lifts and inspires new activities and projects that enhance your wellbeing. Use this transit to clear away any lingering negativity and propel yourself out of stagnant status quo.*

*2017 is a ‘1’ year of new beginnings and fresh starts…clear away the past and fill inside with more divine presence. Set into motion your cherished dreams and desires with the energy of Leo North Node.*

*The Mayan Calendar has been a topic of discussion since October 28, 2011 when all nine waves were activated in parallel. The Ninth Wave is spreading unity consciousness through the global awareness. Each wave alters the human mind with distinct perspectives…be it in duality or unity. Humanity is ascending beyond the projections of duality and into the Ninth Wave mind-set of Oneness.*

*On May 24th a new cycle in the Ninth Wave begins – opening the Universal Heart to all. The indigenous shamans are honoring this momentous event in a ceremony called “Ignite the One Heart Fire”. As you open your heart in resonance with divine Love, you begin to hold the frequency of the Universal Heart. As you set your intentions to a united world in peace, Love and harmony, you are spreading the Ninth Wave of evolution.*

*We use the Infinity to neutralize and transcend discordant polarized forces…creating Still Point balance within our being. Through this process you establish a null-zone Zero Point field in your heart and mind, centered in the eternal Now. You are embodying the Ninth Wave principals of unity consciousness.*

*We will step into the Ninth Wave and ignite the Universal Heart in our upcoming Global Activations*


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