On Woman's day angelic message

By Roop Lakhani - 16:17:00

To all beautiful woman......

Balance of yin and yang energies in every human being is must...balancing the providing and analysing aspects of yang with nurturing and creative abilities of yin is very essential.

.Archangel Gabriels on today Womens Day today gives a message to all the yin. From last so many years, yang energy has claimed his rights over you and this world to some extent even now has this male heirarchy or a male dominated society. Even though the yin have broken free to a large extent its not enough.

Every yin that frees herself from the clutches of this pattern of authority domination abuse and restrictive powers brings about a shift in the whole. So make sure to empower yourself and help other women around you to begin to take the power back.

Women at large go through situations where they have to majorly make the adjustments. So in your hearts empower another little part of you today. And little by little come to your original point of strength of being Shakti.

Aff: I am in my complete power of the yin energy and in balance with my yang. I breathe in balance i breathe out the imbalance. I balance my inner yin yang energies with all its quality aspects in balance.

Love and Light
Roop Lakhani

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