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According to hindus,  the Bhadra or Bhadarva month is a month of shraddh or tarpan to our ancestors.

We are the carriers of few traits from our ancestors whether we want or don't want,  whether we like or don't like..our DNA are responsible for it..can we change DNA?
Based on our past karma and present planetary stars at the time of birth, we can change few things which are destined and few which we can get aware of what we are destined
Many of us see patterns getting repeated just like how the parents and grandparents also went through similar....for example

1. money comes,  money goes
2. We will die poor as our parents were poor
3. Relationship challenges
4. Children not being born
5. Husband wife 's relations are torn
6. Father had extra marital relation and children's married life gets broken too
7. Health patterns repeated in generation even though it may not be genetic
8. One would do loss in making property
9. One would make loss in business
10. There is no bliss from children
11. There is no support from parents
And many more...

If you wish to protect yourself and destroy any family curse / vow / oath,  feel free to contact me for booking a session of DNA Healing

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