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By Roop Lakhani - 19:17:00

To make and have more money you first need to get rid of any money blocks.
These money blocks prevent you from making and having as much money as you want or need.

Years ago I discovered my money blocks and  once I removed them, the floodgates opened.
I started making and having more - a lot more.
Today I'm giving you the simple steps I used to get rid of my money blocks so you can now have and make more money.

Get rid of the money blocks that are holding you back, it is matter of 60 to 90 minutes session.

Now you can make as much money as you want.

You know you have money blocks on your subconscious mind when you work harder but you still can't get ahead. You try investing, but that doesn't work, 
You try saving, but the bills keep coming and they keep piling up, you try for that promotion but it doesn't happen... you just can't seem to make and have more money - no matter what you do

There's always something stopping you
It's those money blocks and you need to get rid of them, t
hey're sitting on your subconscious mind and preventing your subconscious from bringing you 
more money. That's why you can't get ahead.

Those money blocks are thoughts and beliefs that say you can't make as much money as you want, that you have to work harder and harder to get  ahead, that you have to struggle to make more money and so your subconscious just keeps making it harder and harder for you to make and have more money, and that's why you just can't get ahead and as long as those money blocks stay on your subconscious mind, you'll just keep struggling to make more money.

Today you can make choice to book your session and  get rid of them...

Ready to get your subconscious to bring you more money,
Ready to get rid of those money blocks,
Ready to get rid of those negative thoughts
and negative beliefs about money,
Now you can start making more money
Your subconscious will bring you as much money as you want - you just have to know how to give it the right instructions so it brings you more money

All those negative thoughts and beliefs about money prevent your subconscious from bringing you more. Your subconscious thinks you don't want more money.
That's only because it's picking up on your negative thoughts and beliefs about money.

Think of it this way...
If you eat all the wrong foods, you'll end up overweight and have medical setbacks, you'll struggle physically. Eat the right foods and you'll be healthy, and slim and you'll have more energy

Feed your subconscious the wrong messages about money and you'll end up broke and keep struggling financially. Give it the right information about money and you'll make more, have more and keep making more right now you're giving your subconscious the wrong messages about money.

You don't realize it but you're telling it that you don't want more money of course that's not what you want, but your subconscious mind doesn't know that.

So you have to change the message about money that you're sending to your subconscious.

That means changing and getting rid of those negative thoughts and beliefs about money.  Replace them with positive thoughts and positive beliefs about money. That's how you break down those money blocks  That's how you get your subconscious to bring you more and more money and once you get started, you'll keep attracting, making and having more and more money 

If you're ready to make and have more money then, get your subconscious to bring you more money today

Remember... Every time you think about how little you have, or when you think
about how hard it is to make money, or when you focus on not having enough
you send the wrong message to your subconscious mind.

Tell your subconscious to bring you more money, 
Break down those money blocks. Get rid of the negative thoughts, beliefs and fears about having more money you can and will make more money 

When you give your subconscious the right instructions
Start making as much as you want without working harder, longer and more often.

This session consist of... muscle test, interactive process, verbal clearings, hands on touch process, alter the belief and replace the belief...

The session is power packed. Book your appointment or you will wait for that one day when it happens by luck...

Choice is yours.
What if you made the right choices to be on this wealthy pathway ?
Wishing you tremendous wealth and success...
  Roop Lakhani Consultant, Trainer, Healer
  Mob: +91 98216 12031 

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