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Instead of wishing Happy Maha Shivratri message let us have some thoughts, knowledge and prayers on Lord Shiva.

The entire consciousness is divided into 2 aspects. The MASCULINE and the FEMININE.
Without Shiv(masculine), Shakti (feminine) cannot flow and without Shakti, Shiv cannot exists.

Shiva is Life - an observer and Shakti is living, ever flowing - a doer.

- Right Side of the body
- Ida Nadi
- Masculine
- Surya Nadi
- Light
- Left Side of the body
- Pingala Nadi
- Feminine
- Chandra Nadi
- Darkness

Affirmation: I accept my sexuality and sensuality as a Gracious Gift from God.
The energy of Shiva and Shakti is now balanced in all of my chakras. I appreciate all my qualities that embellishes my individuality.
Gratitude: I am grateful for balanced qualities of shiv shakti aspects in me. I am grateful to flow with life  with total acceptance.

Mahashivratri prayer
This prayer is powerful, and prayer is one of the best gifts we receive.
Let's always pray for one another

The prayer - " Om Namah Shivay "
Precious Lord Shiva, mother and father of the universe, Thank You for each and every day. You have blessed us here on earth. Thank You for Your tender mercies. Thank You for giving us friends and family to share these joys with. I ask You to bless my friends, relatives and those I care deeply for, who are reading this right now. Where there is joy, give them continued joy, where there is pain; give them your peace and mercy. Where there is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence. Where there is need, fulfill their needs. May they experience Your abundant love, Your bountiful grace and Your Divine blessings. Bless their homestead, families, finances, their goings out and their coming in's.
We give thanks and gratitude to you for your blessings and grace.

SHIVA Symoblism

1 ~ Why Snakes
Snakes are a symbol of awareness.
You can't be asleep with a snake around your neck!
2 ~Why Ashes?
To remind you of the impermanence of life; knowing that we live life fully.
3 ~Is the Moon an Ornament?
The moon and the mind are connected. To be happy in all phases of life, you have to have a say over the mind.
4~ Why Damru?
It has the same shape as the symbol of infinity. Shiva is the unbound infinite consciousness!
5~ Trishul - A Weapon?
Shiva rules over the three gunas represented in the trishul. Yet he encourages everyone to do their dharma - to act and stand up for truth.
6 ~Blue Bodied
The sky is limitless and so is Shiva.
The sky is blue and Shiva is blue too.
7 ~What about Ganga?
Ganga represents gyan (knowledge). Wisdom dawns naturally when you are established in the Shiva.   

Experience the Shiva CONSCIOUSNESS by Chanting Om Namah Shivay
Earth Water Fire Air and Space five elements operate with each other and transform in to another element
NA   Earth
MA   Water
SHI   Fire
VA    Air
YA    Sky

OM NAMA SHIVAYA is a most powerful mantra
Our body is made of five element and our brain and body is activated by Sounds

Chanting OM NAMA SHIVAY and NAMA SHIVAYA OM can transform the body brain and mind and impact the element differently in both cases and effect different outcome
OM NAMA SHIVAYA esoteric way of chanting in five different order and activating the sound in the body Can effect changes 

  • In Better Health condition
  • In Wealth creation 
  • In Activating Mystical and Psychic Powers 
  • In Spiritual Awakening and
  • In Ever Abundance State 
  • Sharp Focus, More Concentration, Higher Thinking, Emotional Mastery  and disease cure are additional benefits 

Also Five special mantra of SHIVA to fully activate Brain Power
Find a balance in Physical Mental Emotional Social Financial and Spiritual life.

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