Session of 3D #Healing

By Roop Lakhani - 07:30:00

Have you ever been deleting unwanted files and mails from your computer or mobile so as to create space and make it work faster and smoother?

Similarly we need to create space in our human brain to create energy, space and consciousness to create a joyful life by deleting unwanted and unpleasant negative past files that takes heavy space and energy in our heart and brain.
So what is the way to do?

How do we become light and peaceful deleting heavy emotional baggage and mental loads?

The solution is through Access Bars, Eft and Psych K combines integrated modality.

Access Bars is a hands on body process so you need to be physically present to receive bars. It is also called 'getting your bars run'.  As an Access Bars practitioner we touch various points on the receiver's head and forehead. These points are called bars. Different points or bars denote different areas/aspects of our lives like money, creativity, creating relationships, body, sexuality and so on.

When you touch these points, all the emotions, feelings, thoughts, points of views we hold about that specific area get released. For example, each time the practitioner runs your 'money bar' you would be able to release and let go of everything you think, feel, have decided about money across lifetimes would get released if you are willing to release them.

It is like deleting files from the recycle bin...deleting everything you do not require, everything that is not serving you, everything that is limiting you or keeping you stuck gets released.

EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique,  touching certain points meridian pathways on face and body with certain verbal emotional feelings that weighs you down clears heavy loads emotional baggage.

Psych - K creates space by  first identifying unwanted beliefs, then  deleting sabotaging belief, then replacing with forwarding beliefs. Celebrating life happens then after.

If you would like to receive bars, experience an Access Bars session + Eft + Psych K + spiritual work, you are welcome to book a session with me. 

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