Session - Freedom from Suffering

By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

Why People Suffer?
Have you suffered? 
Have you been suffering still? 

I assume the answer is Yes for most of the people.

Have you found the answers to it?
If the answer is no, maybe you have not looked inside your spiritual heart yet.

We live in a world filled with many kinds of darkness, none of which would exist if people were already following their spiritual hearts instead of the illusion of separation.
Today, son does not want to stay with father, two brothers don't want to stay with each other, husband wife has problems too and more. Relations are the cause to suffering and management of harmonious relations is an art.

There are strong differences, likes and dislikes, different points of view of conclusions and harsh judgments. this all creates suffering to certain extent when there is no other choice but to go through the same.. 

This world of illusion is constructed so that people appear to be separate from each other. In reality, we are all one.This world of illusion is constructed so that we reflect on our past memories,  our tinted perceptions and pleasant unpleasant experiences. In reality, time is an illusion that is manufactured in order for dramas to play out. The only reality is now.

This world of illusion is constructed so that people are orphaned from their spiritual source. In reality, we are that source, looking at that source from an infinite variety of perspectives. We are a small spec of the same energies of the Universe.

The great treasure of life in a world of free will is that we eventually learn to stand on our own two feet as self-empowered sparks of that from which we came.

After we have worked for the illusions of this theater of life we will become self-empowered spiritual sparks, tempered in the fire of acute experience.

Let us create the The Transformational Shift, using spiritual light to remove the darkness and ignorance to see blissful people on this planet.

To create the spiritual spark, please feel free to book  a session. Suffering can be a choice and pathway to about suffering be the least to see how wonderful the life is!


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