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Dear Zindagi,
It happens only once
 In-fact the movie revolves on a concept - that when your inner child is hurt, the lesson is to heal the wound, learn the lessons and help yourself towards soul development in easy and joyful manner.

I thought it's a wonderful opportunity to heal your inner child, embrace the past, so that you are set to embark on new beginnings. for that do the exercise as follows or book an appointment with me.

Do exercise as given below
1. Keep a glass of water ready.

2. Sit in a comfortable position in a place so that nobody can disturb you. Let your mobile be kept on silent.

3. Invoke your higher self, spirit Guides, guardian angels, archangels, Ascended masters,  God, Goddess to be present to  help you with their blessing to guide you in the entire healing process of healing past incidences or any emotional hurt during the childhood times that created inner child inside you.

4. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, inhaling from nose, holding your breath for few seconds and exhaling from mouth. Do this till you are relaxed. You can make large 'haaa' sound too.

5. Once your body and mind is relaxed, then slowly  rewind your past incidences,  past memories, past scenes,  past words what you heard or any past smells that may surface now. Allow your mind , emotions to flow freely.

6. For any past incidences - guilt, traumas, mistakes, hurts, separations, unprotected feelings, unloved feeling, any rejections or any embarrassed feelings- let all those feelings surface up and give them permission to just need to discharge or acknowledge those feelings and allow them to go.

Doing this you will help yourself
a. It's an expression of your negative emotions to let go from your inner self.
b. It removes away all your negative emotions, thoughts , feelings which no longer serve your purpose, hence it plays a pivotal role in clearing your chakras and auras.
c. It compels one to clear painful memories embedded deeply in our sub conscious mind.
d. Even if you feel like crying or feel sad or feel angry, do whatever is needed to vent  out your negative emotions, and once you begin to vent out, your mind is triggered to release more and more.

7. After emptying all your emotions,  you have created some space in your soul, mind and body. Now have a glass of water and be relaxed.

8. Fill that space with positive thoughts. Think and introspect - how did these painful past incidences help you? Think- they made you a stronger person, self reliant, weren't they the push buttons to spirituality? Didn't they make you a compassionate human being? These past incidences were actually 'Blessings in Disguise' and have made you strong.

9. Finally, express gratitude to all your past incidences. If you wish to forgive someone, you may do forgiveness prayer or Ho'oponopono.
Say, " I am sorry, please forgive me, i love you,  thank you..."

If you don't wish to forgive someone, it's perfectly ok. Don't push yourself. Please respect yourself. Maybe you need to release more before you bid final goodbye to these incidences.

10. Affirm- ' I am abundantly Blessed in every aspect of my life, be it health, wealth, love, relationship, spirituality and more.
I am at peace and I am prosperous.
Thank you, thank you, thank you '.

Why one should heal inner child or past incidences?
Understand that these negative emotions have cascading effects on personality, psychological  and behavioral aspects and most important on karmas.

Working with inner child therapy, it can benefit in many ways..few are as follows
1. Sets one free from the burdens of the past and emotional dramas. Releases anxiety, guilt, hurts, traumas, sadness, insomnia, depression, loneliness and more...creating pure energies and confidence.
2. Embrace life - ' Life is beautiful'
3. Spiritual integration - a moment to delve within.  This also aligns you to your soul mission.
4. Restructuring yourself as an adult by taking your responsibility in your hand to keep you happy and love, smiles, joy , happiness to your own inner child who never knew how to.
5. It is a powerful tool for karmic  release and past emotional baggage.

Some key points to learn from the movie

  • Parents ...please.create happy memories for your children
  • Adults...take up responsibility for your happiness
  • Commitment..we get scared to commit
  • Sibling rivalry is bad
  • Important is to feel free n happy so what, whatever happens in life
  • Friends...boyfriends...girlfriends  check how do u feel when friends around... make everyone feel same...even your parents
  • Abandonment is dangerous to young child's mind
  • Unloved feelings creates lots of anger
  • Finding past sweet memories is funding past treasures
  • Chair story....when you have to select life partner be sure of lots of compatibility
  • Mountain story...if you have to reach heights you have to let go ego and desires
  • If you can't cry fully understand you won't be able to laugh also fully
  • Talk to mom dad dad are also humans..they also can make mistakes...they also have to pass through challenges
  • Say bye to fears and hi to your life joyfully
  • When you are making pattern or habit., think about it ...are they supportive to your highest growth
  • Genius is about when to stop...
  • Don't let your past ruin your present and your beautiful future.

Still if you cannot help yourself to identify the INNER CHILD in you, then you are free to book the session for INNER CHILD THERAPY or AGE REGRESSION and get yourself whole and complete for living DEAR ZINDAGI joyfully...start 2017 with NEW YOU


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