Video 1 - on Positive Energy as a Guest Speaker

By Roop Lakhani - 08:00:00

As a Guest Speaker at Rotary Club meeting of Kharghar Midtown, Navi Mumba, a Power packed Lecture, exercise, meditation was done by me on Positive Energy which was liked, enjoyed and appreciated by every Rotarian.

Little about work i Do.
I am a life coach and spiritual catalyst...
Tarot, Numerology, Hastu and healing is close to me...
I get immense satisfaction doing therapies and training, and adding a spark of light and insight for people to move forward in their life  for their highest growth.

"Mind is the tool and soul is the navigator...knowledge is the fuel of mind with that one can progress..."

May it be the block of confidence or ego, may it be of health, relationship or finance, all can be solved with right guidance...

Working for a Cause not For Applause ..
Living life to Express not to Impress..
Believing in inner divinity not the outer drama ..
Spreading love and light every day.. thanking Supreme GOD every Moment
Completely geared up and charged to walk unstoppable towards my life path....

The life paths few topics are...
  • Raise vibration
  • Positive energy
  • Fulfilling relations
  • Creating abundance
  • Manifest desires
  • Release blocks
  • Love yourself
  • Tarot 
  • Numerology
  • Vastu
  • Tea Leaf reading
  • Chakra balancing 
  • Mind body soul alignment 
  • Emotion code 
  • Sacred code
  • Abundance code
  • Belief code
  • Health code

Lots of Love.
Contact me to know more.
Roop Lakhani - 
Mobile; +91 98216 12031

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