Session - Improving Money Relationship

By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

How's your relationship with money?
Is it a good or bad?

If you have a good or positive relationship with money you'll always make and have more.
You'll have more than enough and it will get easier and easier to make and have more money.

If you have a bad or negative relationship with money you'll always have difficulty with money or you won't be able to make and have as much as you want. You'll financial difficulties, or you'll end up struggling to make ends meet and things will get worse.

So how do  you have a positive or negative relationship with money?

If you're not sure then answer the following:
Do you have as much money as you want?
Do you think it's difficult to make money?
Do you think money is the root of all evil?
Do you think you're not meant to be rich?
Are you afraid to make more money?
Are you afraid that money will change you?
Do you think there are no good ways to make more money?
Do you think being rich is not a good thing?
Do you think that what you have is okay and you'll get more one day?
Are you hoping and praying you'll win the lottery?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you have a negative relationship with money. And you likely have some challenges when it comes to making, attracting and having more money. That's because you have a negative association with money. And this negative relationship with money pushes money away from you.

You don't attract and find new ways to make money and you make the wrong decisions about money - so you end up in more debt or you just can't seem to make as much
as you want.

You have to change your relationship with money.
You have to create a positive relationship with money.
You have to give your subconscious mind new instructions for making attracting and having more money.
You have to create new thoughts and new beliefs about money,so that you attract, make and have more. So that you get your subconscious to bring you more and more money -


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