Session - Chakra Balancing

By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

The way the main electric generator supplies electric power to all machines, the same way our energy centers known as Chakras gives us energy. It is connected to our endocrine glands, and hence what food we eat. It has mental, emotional and spiritual attributes to it. 

Balancing Chakra does not mean just use mantra or use any Elixir to balance it. 

It means work with your mental emotional and spiritual aspects to align them and get rid of unwanted. When done with some experts help, it helps you at multi dimensional level to get Balance in Life.

Chakra : Soul Star Chakra
Color : Silver White Light or Rainbow
Located 18 inches above Crown Chakra
Always open to absorb infinite intelligence
Essence: To increase contact with the soul & the communication of the soul's intent to assist in the evolution of the planet

Chakra : Crown Chakra
Color : Violet
Located at the top of the head
Essence: To Connect with Divine intelligence, to feel one with Higher self and Divine Creator, to recieve the infinite intelligence

Chakra : Third Eye Chakra
Color : Indigo
Located inbetween eyebrows
Essence : To increase intuitive abilities, to know what is right for you and what is wrong for you

Chakra : Throat Chakra
Color : Blue
Located in the hollow of the throat
Essence : To enhance & improve Communication, to believe ones true expression

Chakra : Heart Chakra
Color : Green
Located in centre of the chest
Essence : To live people unconditionally,  to forget and forgive any grudge complain and resentment, to accept and spread love

Chakra : Solar Plexus Chakra
Color : Yellow
Located 2 inch above the Navel
Essence: To gain Mastery over the Mental Body, to be strongly willed to carry out the actions, to feel fearfree

Chakra : Sacral Chakra
Color : Orange
Located 4 inch below naval
Essence : To gain mastery over the emotional body, to feel desireful and joyful

Chakra : Root Chakra
Cour : red
Located at the base of the spine
Essence: To gain Mastery over the physical body, to be strong with your foundation to help you survive and give you stability

Chakra : Earth Star Chakra
Color :  White or gold
Located 8 inches below feet
Always open to absorb infinite nurturing  and rooted grounding feelings
Essence: To increase contact with the soul & the soul of mother earth, feel grounded and nurtured with infinite Abundant resources


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