Find The Inner Child in You

By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00

It's never too late to get in touch with the child that lies inside each one of us. On the growing stage to our journey of adults, we may have really lost the inner child... the child who is playful and full of fun,  innocent and creative.

What can be the reasons that we are not like child
  • Is it the burdens of responsibilities ? 
  • Is it because your family never supported you and asked you to support? 
  • Is it that your friends hurt you? 
  • Is it that you were heart broken? 
  • Is it that someone spoke to you rudely?
  • Is it that some one judged you unfair?
  • Is it that someone hurt you?
  • Is it that you have some guilt stored of past?
  • Is it that you have some shame stored of past? ? 
  • Is it that you have some embarrassment stored of past?? 
  • Is it that you have some fears and doubts stored of past??

Whatever it is, today on 14th November, 
The Children Day... 

Let's take one such emotion which you can remember and address that emotion that you are giving permission to let it go... 
let it go and free yourself...
be like child..
be innocent and not controlled...
feel free within you...
feel good that you have let gone...

In any way if you could not drop these heaven baggage s then make sure you have taken an appointment with me for Inner Child Work...

Choice is yours to feel successful and happy
Happy Children's Day

Caring for your inner child to be fun loving
Roop Lakhani

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