7 Spiritual Lessons from Currency Invalidation in INDIA

By Roop Lakhani - 08:30:00


1. Change is Sudden
Everybody is concerned about the overnight action making high value currency invalid across India. Nobody saw it coming; or was prepared; or had even any idea of its happening.
But there is something else which we know will surely come, but are not sure when, where and how -  that is death. And it will come even more stealthily than this!
We had 4 hours advance notice for this - but  in death, there will not be 4 seconds. Are we prepared for the secrecy and suddenness in Death?

2. Value can be Lost in a Second
We had millions of Rupees in 500 and 1,000 denomination just few days ago - but today they are just pieces of paper!

Similarly,  all wordily gains -  money,  wealth,  fame,  power -  not just high currency -  will all be worthless for us a second after death.

3. Don't Bank upon Banks
Like the ATMs and Banks are closed today,  options to do good deeds will close with death. No further good deeds can be done / notes withdrawn by us directly. We can enjoy the assets we purchased earlier with the 500 / 1,000 currency but can't purchase any new ones now. 

Similarly, only the lasting assets of good deeds we created will benefit us after death -  no new goodness can then be done.

4. Fakes Will Not Last
One of the purposes of the action is to deal with fake currency. After this, all fake notes will be out of the system. So will it be with ourselves and our actions...

Let us test ourselves - do we have authentic notes or fakes ones -  of success, relations, happiness, even good deeds? Is our life itself authentic or are we living a fake life in a fake world?

5. Small is Big
Big deeds run the risk of breeding pride and arrogance. The real gems are the small,  quiet, hidden, good deeds that are done with sincerity when no one is looking.

The person with two 100 rupee notes is today richer that the a person with a thousand 500 rupee notes!

6. Source Matters
For each of your actions, you shall be questioned and your source / intention seen.
When you go to the Bank to exchange the Rs 500 / 1,000 note, you will be asked for identity / PAN / source of Income.

Similarly when you bring your deeds to the Creator, he will ask for your source / intentions / purpose. Did you do it to be called a generous person? Or to compete with someone? Or only for the will and happiness of God? Only the last will be valid currency there!

7. Plan Ahead
A lot of people are busy worrying and planning what they can do with the invalidated currency now. But it may be too late.

Planning for the Hereafter needs to be start in the Now -  with right intention,  sincere devotion and regular action. Else it could be too late.

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