Saturday, 31 December 2016

End of Year Apology

I Roop Lakhani
  • Those who think I  am  proud...for one  reason  or  the other.. Am  sincerely sorry  for  creating such  an impression ! Pls forgive  me.
  • Those who  think I've  ignored  them... am  really  sorry. Pls forgive  me.
  • Those  who  felt offended by  my attitude  or character  during  or  before  this  year... I apologize.. Pls forgive  me.
  • All  those  who  I didn't   visit or  call during  this  year... I am  sorry.. Pls accept  my  apology and  forgive  me.
  • Those  who  I caused  any  hurt  by  words  or  action... I apologise  for  my  behavior.. Pls  forgive  me.
  • Those  whose promises I  didn't fulfill...I  wish  I  still can  but  still.. I apologize. Pls forgive  me.
  • Those  who  felt I am  too  serious  and not  friendly  at times ..I  am  really sorry  if  I  caused  any one  to  stay  away from  me... I apologize. Pls forgive  me.

Unforgiving can block you from  receiving God's blessings... 
Be  blessed  in  2017
Live  Peacefully with  Everyone ! Enjoy !